Saturday, May 3, 2008

Giant Hulk Statue Invades Theaters Everywhere!

f you went to see Iron Man this weekend, it's very likely you saw the new "life size" Hulk statue sitting in the lobby somewhere. I always admire (and critique) the in-theater marketing efforts that the studios send out, and this time this one is worth mentioning. Like The Simpsons Movie couch and Silver Surfer statue last year, this is becoming the "talk of the town," at least when it comes to marketing material. The statue is for this summer's upcoming Incredible Hulk movie. I suppose Universal thought the best way to get people to realize there was a Hulk movie was to literally put a giant Hulk statue right in the lobby of every movie theater. And I suppose it worked, but I still don't know if the movie is going do too well. In case you live beneath a rock and haven't seen this yet, some photos can be found below.

Giant Hulk Statue

Giant Hulk Statue

Photos above are courtesy of SlashFilm.

The statue actually weighs somewhere around 800 pounds. It's being referred to as life size, but in actuality I think it's a bit smaller than the Hulk in the movie. If you watch the trailer, you'll see that Hulk is pretty damn big in comparison to Emil Blonsky. In the theater, this thing is around 10 feet tall. Either way, it's still an eye-catching statue that I'm sure is grabbing the attention of moviegoers - but I don't know if it's enough to actually guarantee that this movie will be a success. Thoughts?

The Incredible Hulk is directed by French filmmaker Louis Leterrier of The Transporter, Unleashed, and The Transporter 2. The script for the film was originally written by Zak Penn (Behind Enemy Lines, X-Men 2, X-Men 3), but after joining the film as the lead character Bruce Banner, Edward Norton himself took over the reigns and re-wrote the screenplay. The Incredible Hulk arrives in theaters on June 13th.

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