Monday, April 21, 2008

'Wonder Woman' Underway?

It is no end of strange that with all the superhero movies being greenlit, one of the biggest comic book icons has languished in development hell for years. How is it that the Hulk managed to get remade before Wonder Woman landed a single movie?

We've heard it before, but she may finally be on her way. caught up with Joel Silver at the Speed Racer press junket, and to everyone's surprise, Silver mentioned the future of the Amazon superheroine. Silver says he has two new writers working on the script -- Matthew Jennison and Brent Strickland, authors of the WWII Wonder Woman script that Warner Bros bought last year.

The two are writing a whole new script, shying away from any origin story, but instead one looking at her background, and her homeland of Paradise Island. I don't know, that sounds like an origin story to me. No word on what has happened to the WWII spec.

No director has been named, but apparently the project came up in discussion with the Wachowski Brothers, and Silver mentioned that Andy has an idea how to open the Wonder Woman film. He refused to comment further, so this could just be a director offering some helpful advice to two writers. Silver also says that the Wonder Woman of that embattled Justice League Mortal and this film would be completely unrelated -- no surprise there.

I admit, I lost interest in the Wonder Woman movie when Joss Whedon dropped out -- and I'm not the biggest WW fan in the world (as a kid, I thought she was "too naked") but I think it's long past time for her to get a movie. Little girls need her! How cool would it be to see a few little Wonder Womans trick-or-treating along with all those Disney Princesses? Make it happen, Silver. She might even make that 2009 release date if you hurry.

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