Thursday, April 3, 2008

Without a Paddle 2

They still haven’t found a cure for that dreaded case of sequelitis, but word is it’s been sourced to a spring in Burbank.

Paramount have come down with a case of it this week, with word tickling in that they’re currently casting – wait for it… - “Without a Paddle 2”.

As far as I can tell, the sequel – which be going direct-to-DVD – has nothing to do with the original, so won’t feature the characters played by Seth Green, Dax Shepard and Matthew Lillard. Instead, it fixes on a character named Zach, who promises an old dying woman that he’ll track down her long-lost granddaughter so they can unite before the woman fades away. He, and two others (Nigel and Ben) head off in search of the lost girl – and get up to all-the-expected hijinks along the way.

I’m guessing a kayak will be involved in there somewhere.

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