Saturday, April 12, 2008

Megan Fox Has Gone Nude in Jennifer's Body?!

There is more than one reason why I love Jason Reitman. Besides being a brilliant filmmaker, its his ideals, like passing on the Justice League movie and outspoken appreciation for American Teen. And now I've got one more thing to add to that list - he's giving us a nude Megan Fox! As I hope you know, Reitman is producing his first film - Jennifer's Body. The story, scripted by Oscar winning Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody, is about a newly possessed cheerleader who turns into a killer that specializes in offing her male classmates. Guess who the cheerleader is? Yep - Megan Fox!
After talking about Justice League on the Howard Stern Show recently, Reitman went on to mention one of the scenes they had just filmed for Jennifer's Body. Apparently Megan Fox, who plays Jennifer, seducees a guy to come into the forest where she can kill him. Following that she is then apparently chased around topless before she ends up killing him with an axe (I think?).

Here's the bad part - while Fox actually filmed topless, her hair is covering all the important parts. Damn! This scene is already going down in history and the movie isn't even done filming!
Described as a Heathers-type dark comedy, it tells the story of a seemingly-perfect cheerleader whose life is thrown into disarray when she gets possessed by a demon, begins eating boys in her small Minnesota town, then faces off against her best friend and the Satan-worshipping band that made her evil. The film is being directed by Karyn Kusama of Girlfight and Aeon Flux previously. Only a creative team consisting of two smart women - Diablo Cody and Kusama - plus the brilliance of Reitman could actually convince Fox that it was worthwhile to go nude. I was already interested beforehand, but now I'm definitely there!

Fox Atomic will be distributing Jennifer's Body, but a date for its release hasn't been set yet. While I'm not expecting this to have an Oscar winning script like Juno, I do think it'll be another interesting and rather ambitious movie courtesy of Cody and Reitman (again). I've been hoping for the best and now with this sort of news, I will admit that I'm even more excited. Plus, we couldn't pass up another opportunity to share a few of our favorite Megan Fox photos with you to brighten up your Friday!

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