Friday, April 11, 2008

Joker Scene From The Dark Knight Getting Cut?!

The Dark Knight

I hate to be the bearer of even more bad news, but this time its affecting one of our most anticipated movies - The Dark Knight. Reports have started to spread on the internet of a particular scene, involving Heath Ledger as The Joker, being cut from the film due to Ledger's tragic death in January. While details are sketchy, this seems to have all stemmed from a Portuguese review of The Dark Knight written a few days ago (that we are not going to link to) - one that I hardly believe. It's a really rough review and doesn't seem all that legit, which is why I'm not too sure this entire rumor is real to begin with. However, whatever the case may be it's worth bring up just in case.

As Cinema Blend reports, the "scene involves Ledger's Joker character pretending to be dead and being pictured in a body bag. Apparently the aftershocks of Ledger's unfortunate death are such that many in the screening reacted rather badly to this moment and now execs are considering excising the scene altogether." I completely agree with Stuart Wood - this is an atrocity of the utmost proportions and (despite Where the Wild Things Are and I Am Legend) not something I would expect Warner Brothers to do!

If this turns out to be true, it would be disastrous decision on the part of Warner Brothers. It's entirely unnecessary to cut scenes from a movie just because of a few overly sensitive screening attendees. This is all part of why I don't believe the screening process works that well anyway! The countless fans and supporters of The Dark Knight will understand the true vision of the film and the importance of every last scene that Christopher Nolan put in. Apparently the early screening reports also claim that The Dark Knight is a more superior film than Batman Begins and that Ledger's role is as profound (and even Oscar worthy) as originally thought. Don't risk screwing that up Warner Brothers!

It seems one of the biggest problems in Hollywood nowadays is studios taking control of a movie and changing it to their liking, despite what the original filmmaker had created. This is why there is a small movement in support of "keeping true to the vision" of the filmmaker. It's art - the studios should know what they're getting into when they hire certain screenwriters and directors. If you get Spike Jonze, you're going to get a Spike Jonze movie. If you get Christopher Nolan and Heath Ledger, you're going to get a brilliant movie. And don't change The Dark Knight just because of some emotional complainers! This is Christopher Nolan's true vision!

Whether this is true or not, I hope that the impact these articles have is enough to convince Warner Brothers to not even try. Like we did with both Where the Wild Things Are and I Am Legend before, its time we get all of your support. Voice your opinion below if you're in support of keeping the film the way it is!

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