Monday, April 7, 2008

Futurama - The Beast With A Billion Backs. DVD

It's probably because Bender's Big Score was the first reunion with the Futurama crew that it was all so much fun -- but we've been promised three more DVD movies from the Planet Express gang, and I'm starting to get impatient! Fortunately, has a press release regarding movie #2 (The Beast with a Billion Backs), and here's what it has to say! (I'm so proud of myself for not using the "Good news everyone!" gag, but there I just went and blew it.)
According to DVDA, the disc (which doesn't touch down until June 24 darnit) will offer a multi-participant commentary track, a 30-minute "Futurama Lost Adventure," a pair of featurettes, deleted scenes, bloopers, storyboards, animatics, and all sorts of extra-geeky stuff. (And also a peek at the third Futurama flick!) Here's what the official plot synopsis sounds like: "In Futurama's latest and most tentacle-packed epic, space itself rips open, revealing a gateway to another universe. But what lies beyond? Horror? Love? Or maybe both, if it happens to contain a repulsive, planet-sized monster with romantic intentions! Nothing less than the fate of human and robot-kind is at stake as the Futurama crew takes on The Beast With A Billion Backs."


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