Monday, April 14, 2008

Harvey Dent's Press Conference Interrupted by Hostage Situation

Harvey Dent

Yesterday e-mails were sent to Harvey Dent followers alerting everyone of a 3:00PM EST live press conference on However, instead of hearing a press conference, the audio was of an ongoing hostage situation involving Frank Notaro and Harvey Dent. Notaro is a decorated Gotham Police Officer (photo) who went crazy and started yelling about keeping his kids and wife safe and going under witness protection. You can listen to the audio below and we'll update this as hear anything new. The latest we heard - Dent bargained to replace himself with the girl who has being held hostage.

If you haven't been following the viral, Notaro initially publicly acknowledged that Dent offered him money to testify against an innocent cop although that was later disproved by The Gotham Times reporter James Levine. After his partner was killed in a car bombing, the already paranoid Notaro snapped and took hostages at Rossi's Deli ( which is where the audio today picked up. Dent's official site says currently that: "In a selfless move, Mr. Dent entered the premises, exchanged himself for a woman who was being held at gunpoint, and negotiated the successful release of the remaining patrons in the restaurant." It sounds like Harvey Dent is still Notaro's hostage as of this moment but the audio has cut off.

Listen to the press conference by downloading the MP3:

Other reports I've heard say that Harvey Dent has been declared the "hero of the day" which means this now solidifies his win (for District Attorney) in the upcoming election. However, I can't figure out whether this means the hostage situation is over or whether the audio just cut off. We'll try and find out an answer and get back to you on that as soon as possible.

Frank Notaro has actually been the focus of the viral this last week. After discovering email messages exchanged between him and internal affairs officer Glenn Barhyte, a meeting was set to take place at the Gotham Ferry System ( at 8PM. Calls were made to the ferry hotline and a message played that said the 8PM ferry had been disrupted. Apparently the ferry had been bombed but no further information on that has since been discovered. You can follow these elements of the viral on the SuperHeroHype forums.

We'll update this with anything we hear regarding The Dark Knight's viral campaign. A trailer is expected to show in front of Speed Racer, but until then, it's anyones guess as to if it'll show up online in any form or in relation to this viral campaign.

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