Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Indiana Jones 140 Min Movie!

From the desk of Jeffrey Wells comes a report that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has a total running time of 140 minutes or more - which comes out to around two hours and twenty-something minutes. First things first, we need to do some comparison. Raiders of the Lost Ark is 115 minutes, Temple of Doom is 118 minutes, and Last Crusade is 127 minutes. That would make Kingdom of the Crystal Skull the longest Indiana Jones movie? Instead of waiting a few more weeks for the running time to become official, it's time to discuss the positives and negatives of this reveal.

The buzz on Indiana Jones 4 is pretty immense right now. This is what I love about it - no matter how much possibly negative material gets out there, there are still concrete fans who will stand their ground and see it. I'm one of them. Despite what I may hear about how bad it might be, I'm still an Indiana Jones fan to the core and will be lining up opening day to see it. It's not in my best interest to try and tear apart a movie that is a continuation of some of my most beloved childhood memories. With that being said - 140 minutes does seem a tad lengthy. All I know is that I remember Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade being long enough and that was 13 minutes shorter.

The argument over a movie's length is always a heated one. I remember two glaring discussions in recent years: Superman Returns being too long and Spider-Man 3 being way too short. I'd actually agree with both of those assessments, however Indiana Jones 4 seems to fit nicely in between both of those extremes - not too long and not too short. If anything, I'd be a lot more concerned if it came out to around 90 or 100 minutes. However, we can't forget that length was one of the big factors that killed Grindhouse at the box office. But then again, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End was 168 minutes, too. All I know is that now I'm even more excited for this summer's blockbuster line-up!

Is 140 minutes too long for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? Or are we blowing up a simple bit of data into something way too big?

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