Friday, April 4, 2008

Constructicons in transformers-2

It's about that time of year. That time where for the next six to eight months while Michael Bay and company work on Transformers 2, we'll be hearing nothing but rumors, rumors, and more rumors about who is in it, what takes place, exactly how many explosions there will be, and every other last detail imaginable. IESB has the first of these rumors and while typically we probably wouldn't go about posting things like this, it's just too good to pass up. If you're a Transformers fan, once you read the rumor below, you'll agree - this was an awesome one that needed to be mentioned! Autobots roll out!

Robert over at IESB claims that the Constructicons - specifically Scrapper, Bonecrusher, Scavenger, Mixmaster, Hook and Long Haul - will join the Decepticon team in their fight for supremacy or the all spark or whatever it is this time. You heard that right, Devastator is coming to the big screen! This robot is frickin' HUGE. A fan art photo created by Rise Studio has been included below to spark your imagination. This massive bot is a fan favorite among many for his combined destructive power and enormous size. If this is true, this is going to make for some insane battles - that's for sure!

Of course, some of the names will have to be changed. Bonecrusher was the Buffalo H Mine-Protected vehicle that got demolished by Optimus Prime in the highway fight, and Devastator was the M1 Abrams tank that also got its ass kicked in the final fight. We'll see what they come up with.

Also included in their post is a list of possible character listings which include Chuck, Sam's conspiracy theory-obsessed roommate at Princeton; Professor Colan, Sam's physics teacher; the CEO of Massive Dynamic; an FBI director, a CNN reporter, a bunch of military personnel and a few more. It's all the standard fare and I've always believed casting charts really don't tell us much. It's best we hold out until we hear some solid details from Bay or someone else intricately involved in the production.

I think the great thing about this sequel is that Michael Bay already proved that he was the perfect director to bring Transformers to the big screen (at least most people agree) and now the door is open for almost anything. What I mean is that the question has changed from "can Bay actually do a good job translating our beloved 80's toy line to the big screen?" into "what awesome robots can we look forward to seeing next?" Transformers 2, being directed again by Michael Bay, is currently slated for release on June 26th, 2009 next summer and will begin production this July.

Devastator Fan Art from Rise Studio

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