Monday, April 14, 2008

Confirmed : Adkins is Weapon 11 in Wolverine

MovieHole Confirmed today that Scott Adkins has jettisoned down under to join the cast of “Wolverine”.

Adkins, who played the Russian jailbird who pummels Michael Jai White in the “Undisputed” sequel, will take on a similar role in this (um, someone who fights). He’ll play Weapon 11, one of the many mutants of the X-world, whose main objective is to rip the claws from Wolverine. He no doubt doesn’t succeed in his mission – Wolvie’s the hero, after all! – but I’m sure we can expect a good scuffle anyway. The bulk of his scenes will appear in the last reel of the film.

“X-Men Origins : Wolverine” is currently filming in Sydney – and the reason a few of you, in transit to the home palace, will be sitting in your car an hour longer tonight.

Source: MovieHole


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