Saturday, April 26, 2008

Babylon A.D. pics

With such a summer of huge movies, some flicks get a bit lost in the shuffle -- aside from the rumors of hatcheted runtime, we haven't seen much on BABYLON A.D., Vin Diesel's return to sci-fi action.

The movie's getting a less-than-prestigious late-August release, which is when we normally see stuff like ANACONDAS: HUNT FOR THE BLOOD ORCHID.

It's a big Euro-flavored futuristic traveling tale in the vein of CHILDREN OF MEN, about a mercenary with cool tatts hired to escort a woman from Russia to New York.

Here are a few pics, with a couple of new images in the bunch.

Extra Tidbit: The Movie is based on the novel "Babylon Babies" by Maurice Georges Dantec.

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