Friday, March 14, 2008

Miller talks Mad Max 4.... video game?

In a chat with Newsweek director George Miller discussed - well, everything but the one film we want to know about, the long-gestating "Justice League" - an upcoming "Mad Max" video game he has in the works, as well as the film series it inspired and whether or not he'll still do the fourth "Max" pic.
''We were all ready to go on "Fury Road," but instead of going off and shooting "Fury Road" straight away, I said "Okay, now that we've got that whole world prepared, let's work together with somebody [on a video game], if there's someone out there." Not handing it off to some third party game developer as we did on "Happy Feet," but to try to do it all as a piece, in the hope that we overcome that problem of making bad films from good games or vice versa.''
And where's "Fury Road" at now?
"The movie was in a very highly advanced stage of preproduction when we stopped it. It's all prepared, but now I want to stop and do the game and get those schedules in sync.. In other words, I'm delaying the movie in order to do a really good game. Normally what happens everyone's scrambling to finish a game so it can coincide with the release of the movie".
You can read the complete interview with the Dr here


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