Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gary Busey Apologizes To Jennifer Garner

Today the folks over at the Movie Blog discovered that Gary Busey has officially apologized for the whole thing. Here is what he had to say about the whole incident:

I meant no disrespect to Ms. Jennifer Garner when I met her at the Oscars and apologize if I made her uncomfortable,” the 63-year-old actor said in a statement e-mailed Monday by a publicist for his attorney, Vicki Roberts. “I simply greeted both actresses with joy and open arms, which is the way I would greet anyone I’m happy to meet,” Busey said. “Everyone has experienced a handshake or hug which has turned awkward, and this was no different.

It was definitely one of the most memorable moments during the Oscars this year. But the biggest question for me that still has not been answered is what the hell was Busey doing there anyway? Promoting The Gingerdead Man 2: The Passion of the Crust. Seriously. But I do have my own theory about how he gets around.

I think Gary Busey is some kind of drunken ninja. Yea, I know it sounds crazy but you have to remember we are talking about Gary Busey here. Nothing is impossible. The man is everywhere and is always obviously seriously drunk or on some mind altering drugs. If he is a ninja that easily explains how he gets everywhere so fast. He could have some serious ninja skills. Then again.. he could just be the Hunter S. Thompson of actors...

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