Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Brett Ratner to screw with another comic

Brett Ratner, director of the abysmal “X-Men : The Last Stand” and at one time attached to direct “Superman Returns”, is returning to the world of thought clouds and cliff-hangers. The filmmaker is circling a film version of Valiant Comics series "Harbinger".

Created by Jim Shooter, the "Harbinger" comicbook series became a hit when published in the 1990s. Harbingers are humans with powers that can be unlocked by "omega" harbingers. Teenager Pete Stanchek finds himself on a collision course with an older "omega" who used his gifts to become an evil industrialist.

"The movie is in the vein of a young 'Blade Runner,' as this 17-year- old gifted kid helps other kids tap into these parts of their brains," Producer Alexandra Milchan said.

Apparently Ratner wanted to do a superhero series “from scratch”, says the trade – which I believe is code for “Since the X-Men guys said they wouldn't let me touch another of their movies, I thought I better look elsewhere”.


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